Recorded by: Park Café
Music by: Maggie Parke, Gast Waltzing
Lyrics by: N/A
Language: English
Placing: 20th (8 points)
Other versions: French

Living in Tooneland

That boy, walkin' on air
Outside time
His world, not really there
For him it shines
A world without the pain
Only joy
Livin' from frame to frame
I can't touch that boy
That boy is always right
(Living in Tooneland)
That boy is so inviting
(Living in Tooneland)
That boy, you think he might
(Living in Tooneland)
Give me a dream worth tryin'
(Living in Tooneland)
He's got a hold on my heart
Like it's a toy
I can't take anymore
Just stop that boy
Now I have open eyes
Seeing through your disguise