First participation: 2007
Number of participations: 5
Worst result: 4th last (2012s)
Most votes cast to: Serbia (11.6 points)
Most votes received from: Serbia (10.0 points)

Year Order by year (descending) Title [ONLY SHOW ESC VERSIONS] Artist(s) Pos. Order by placing Score
2013 Igranka (Montenegrin) Who See feat. Nina Žižić DNQ -
2012 Euro neuro (English) Rambo Amadeus DNQ -
2009 Just get out of my life (English) less
• alternate version - energy radio mix (English) [3:02]
• Moscow club mix version (English) [4:53]
• dance version remix (English) [4:20]
• Finger N Kadel radio mix (English) [3:35]
• Finger N Kadel house mix (English) [5:55]
• karaoke version (English)
Andrea DNQ -
2008 Zauvijek volim te (Montenegrin) less
Never forget I love you (English)
Stefan Filipović DNQ -
2007 'Ajde kroči (Montenegrin) less
'Ajde kroči [demo] (Montenegrin)
• karaoke version (Montenegrin)
• karaoke version
Stevan Faddy DNQ -

Montenegro has previously participated as part of Serbia & Montenegro and Yugoslavia.