1977 - 22nd edition

Venue: Wembley Conference Centre, London, United Kingdom
Date: Saturday, 7 May 1977
Presentation: Angela Rippon
Voting: Each country awarded 12, 10, 8-1 points to its top 10 (by a jury).
Number of countries: 18
- Scoreboard -

Draw Order by starting order Country Order by country Title Order by song title [ONLY SHOW ESC VERSIONS] Artist(s) Pos. Order by placing Score
1. Ireland It's nice to be in love again (English) The Swarbriggs Plus Two 3 119
2. Monaco Une petite Française (French) less
I'm just a simple country girl from France (English)
Die schönsten Blumen blühen auf dem Land (German)
Una petite Française (Spanish)
La mia canzone (Italian)
Michèle Torr 4 96
3. Netherlands De mallemolen (Dutch) less
The world keeps turning (English)
Le monde tourne comme un manège (French)
Das Karussel des lebens (*) (German)
Heddy Lester 12 35
4. Austria Boom Boom Boomerang (German) less
Boom boom boomerang (English)
Schmetterlinge 17 11
5. Norway Casanova (Norwegian) less
Casanova (English)
Casanova (Swedish)
Anita Skorgan 14 18
6. Germany Telegram (English) less
• extended version (English) [5:26]
Silver Convention 8 55
7. Luxembourg Frère Jacques (French) less
Frère Jacques (*) (English)
Anne-Marie B. 16 17
8. Portugal Portugal no coração (Portuguese) Os Amigos 14 18
9. United Kingdom Rock bottom (English) less
Für immer (German)
Lynsey de Paul & Mike Moran 2 121
10. Greece Mathima solfege /
  Μάθημα σολφέζ (Greek) less
A music lesson (English)
Freunde der Nacht (German)
• instrumental version
Pascalis, Marianna, Robert & Bessy /
  Πασχάλης, Μαριάννα, Ρόμπερτ & Μπέσυ
5 92
11. Israel Ahava hi shir lishnaim /
  אהבה היא שיר לשניים (Hebrew) less
I'm no one (English)
Ensemble (French)
Ein Lied ist wie ein Vogel (German)
Ilanit /
11 49
12. Switzerland Swiss Lady (German) less
Swiss lady (English)
Pepe Lienhard Band 6 71
13. Sweden Beatles (Swedish) less
Beatles (English)
Forbes 18 2
14. Spain Enséñame a cantar (Spanish) less
Apprends-moi à chanter (French)
Ich singe la la la (German)
• alternate version (Spanish) [3:27]
Micky 9 52
15. Italy Libera (Italian) less
Freedom is today (English)
Libre comme une femme (French)
Libre (Spanish)
Mia Martini 13 33
16. Finland Lapponia (Finnish) less
Lapponia (*) (Swedish)
Lapponia (English)
Laponie (*) (French)
Lapponia, fahr' mal nach Lapponia (German)
Wie isoleren moet neemt purplex platen van Opstalan (Dutch)
Monica Aspelund 10 50
17. Belgium A million in one, two, three (English) Dream Express 7 69
18. France L'oiseau et l'enfant (French) less
The bird and the child (English)
Der Vogel und das Mädchen (German)
El zagal y el ave azul (Spanish)
A ave e a infância (Portuguese)
• new version (1988) (French) [3:03]
• newer version (2002) (French) [3:37]
Marie Myriam 1 136