1976 - 21st edition

Venue: Nederlands Congres Centrum, The Hague, Netherlands
Date: Saturday, 3 April 1976
Presentation: Corry Brokken
Voting: Each country awarded 12, 10, 8-1 points to its top 10 (by a jury).
Number of countries: 18
- Scoreboard -

Draw Order by starting order Country Order by country Title Order by song title [ONLY SHOW ESC VERSIONS] Artist(s) Pos. Order by placing Score
1. United Kingdom Save your kisses for me (English) less
• new version (English) [2:58]
Brotherhood of Man 1 164
2. Switzerland Djambo Djambo (English) less
Djambo Djambo (German)
• alternate version (English)
Peter, Sue & Marc 4 91
3. Germany Sing sang song (German) less
Sing sang song (English)
Les Humphries Singers 15 12
4. Israel Emor shalom /
  אמור שלום (Hebrew) less
Say hello (English)
Komm' heut zu mir (German)
Chocolate Menta Mastik /
  שוקולד מנטה מסטיק
6 77
5. Luxembourg Chansons pour ceux qui s'aiment (French) less
Der Tingler singt für euch alle (German)
Jürgen Marcus 14 17
6. Belgium Judy et cie (French) Pierre Rapsat 8 68
7. Ireland When (English) Red Vincent Hurley 10 54
8. Netherlands The party's over (English) less
Un souvenir en trop (French)
Sandra Reemer 9 56
9. Norway Mata Hari (English) less
Mata Hari (Norwegian)
Anne Karine Strøm 18 7
10. Greece Panayia mu, Panayia mu /
  Παναγιά μου, Παναγιά μου (Greek) less
Panayia mu (The death of Cyprus) (English/Greek)
Mariza Koch /
  Μαρίζα Κώχ
13 20
11. Finland Pump-pump (English) less
Pump-pump (Finnish)
Bump bump (Schon wieder macht mein Herz...) (German)
Fredi & Ystävät 11 44
12. Spain Sobran las palabras (Spanish) less
• 1st alternate version (Spanish)
• 2nd alternate version (Spanish)
• new version (2003) (Spanish)
Braulio 16 11
13. Italy We'll live it all again (English/Italian) less
E fu subito amore (1982) (Italian)
T'aimer encore une fois (French)
Vivirlo otra vez (*) (1982) (Spanish)
T'aimer encore une fois (English/Italian/French)
Viviremos todo de nuevo (*) (1991) (English/Spanish)
• new version (1991) (English/Italian) [4:12]
Al Bano & Romina Power 7 69
14. Austria My little world (English) less
Meine kleine Welt (German)
My little world (English/German)
• alternate version (English)
• new version (German)
Waterloo & Robinson 5 80
15. Portugal Uma flor de verde pinho (Portuguese) Carlos do Carmo 12 24
16. Monaco Toi, la musique et moi (French) less
Thank you for rushing into my life (English)
Die Musik und ich (German)
La música, tú y yo (Spanish)
La musica e noi due (Italian)
Mary Christy 3 93
17. France Un, deux, trois (French) less
One, two, three (English)
Eins, zwei, drei (German)
Un, dos, tres (Spanish)
Catherine Ferry 2 147
18. Yugoslavia Ne mogu skriti svoj bol (Bosnian) less
Wait for me (I'll soon be there) (English)
• alternate version (Bosnian) [2:43]
Ambasadori 17 10

Non-participating entries

Draw  Country  Title  [ONLY SHOW ESC VERSIONS] Artist(s) Pos.  Score
- Germany Der Star (German) less
Joue ta vie (*) (French)
• new version (2008) (German)
Tony Marshall Disq.-