1974 - 19th edition

Venue: The Dome, Brighton, United Kingdom
Date: Saturday, 6 April 1974
Presentation: Katie Boyle
Voting: Per country, 10 jurymembers each awarded 1 point to their favourite song.
Number of countries: 17
- Scoreboard -

Draw Order by starting order Country Order by country Title Order by song title [ONLY SHOW ESC VERSIONS] Artist(s) Pos. Order by placing Score
1. Finland Keep me warm (English) less
Älä mene pois (Finnish)
Carita 13 4
2. United Kingdom Long live love (English) less
Long live love (German)
Olivia Newton-John 4 14
3. Spain Canta y sé feliz (Spanish) Peret 9 10
4. Norway The first day of love (English) less
Hvor er du? (Norwegian)
Anne Karine 14 3
5. Greece Krasi, thalasa ke t' agori mu /
  Κρασί, θάλασσα και τ' αγόρι μου (Greek)
Marinella /
11 7
6. Israel Natati la chaiai /
  נתתי לה חיי (Hebrew) less
She looked me in the eye (English)
Kaveret /
7 11
7. Yugoslavia Moja generacija (Serbian) less
Generation 42 (English)
• alternate version (Serbian) [3:29]
Korni 12 6
8. Sweden Waterloo (English) less
Waterloo (Swedish)
Waterloo (French)
Waterloo (German)
Waterloo (French/Swedish)
ABBA 1 24
9. Luxembourg Bye bye I love you (French) less
Bye bye I love you (German)
Bye bye I love you (English)
Ireen Sheer 4 14
10. Monaco Celui qui reste et celui qui s'en va (French) Romuald 4 14
11. Belgium Fleur de liberté (French) less
Freedom for the man (English)
Jacques Hustin 9 10
12. Netherlands I see a star (English) less
Ik zie een ster (Dutch)
L'amour au pas (French)
Ein goldner Stern (German)
Mouth & MacNeal 3 15
13. Ireland Cross your heart (English) less
Hand auf's Herz (German)
Tina Reynolds 7 11
14. Germany Die Sommermelodie (German) less
Our summersong of love (English)
Cindy & Bert 14 3
15. Switzerland Mein Ruf nach dir (German) less
Il faut partir (French)
My ship of love (English)
Piera Martell 14 3
16. Portugal E depois do adeus (Portuguese) less
(And then) After love (English)
• instrumental version
Paulo de Carvalho 14 3
17. Italy (Italian) less
Go (before you break my heart) (English)
Lui (French)
Ja (German)
Gigliola Cinquetti 2 18

Non-participating entries

Draw  Country  Title  [ONLY SHOW ESC VERSIONS] Artist(s) Pos.  Score
- France La vie à 25 ans (French) less
That old familiar feeling (English)
Komm', wir sind nur einmal 25 (German)
Dani Ret.-