Recorded by: Duarte Mendes
Music by: José Luís Tinoco
Lyrics by: N/A
Language: English
Placing: 16th (16 points)
Other versions: Portuguese, French

April dawn

The years that passed in anonymity
Abandoned to our silent misery
The cold stone of the tavern floor
The black shawls that our women wore
For blood shed in a pointless war
The tortured lives enclosed by high white walls
The hopeless waiting in the endless halls
The hand of judgement always near
The furtive glances born of fear
The quick words whispered in a mear
And while the seasons passed, the furtile fields lay fallow
A sad neglected legacy
The time had come to plant the seeds for our tomorrow
To sow a future strong and free
For half a century we lived and slaved
Deprived of that for which our spirits craved
The right to be what we could be
To live and work in dignity
To find a song to set us free
To bring us home from distant fields of unsought combat
Our flesh and spirit scarred and torn
In wanton suffering we bowed ourselves in closeness
In servitude our strength was born
At last the might of cruel brivation, pain and sorrow
The fear and shame we knew were gone
And with a song of love and joy and jubilation
We rose to greet the April dawn
The long-awaited April dawn